Our plan is simple. Sell our house and our cars and put everything else in storage. Then, in January, depart London in a Toyota Land Cruiser bound for Africa and beyond. We have no final destination, no timeline, only a long journey in search of new adventures beyond the beaten path. Along the way, we look forward to experiencing many new things – foreign cultures, ancient landscapes, and exotic wildlife. Our ultimate goal is simply to chase our dreams and live life to the fullest.

This expedition wasn't hatched overnight. In fact, it's been a constant topic of conversation during previous travels. We both dreamed of a grand adventure. The natural progression of many years of shorter journeys. Perhaps we would backpack around the world or maybe trek across Patagonia or sea kayak throughout South East Asia. We contemplated many options and came close to pulling the trigger several times. Each time we delayed, almost certainly out of the fear of the unknown. Give up our comfortable jobs, cozy home, and free airfare (Jim worked for an airline)? It's easy to do for a few months, but a few years was a bit scary! Finally, during a three week trip to Antarctica this past February, we both agreed; there's only one choice. Suppress our fears, pack our bags, and chase our dreams!

With the big decision made, only one question remained - "What's our adventure going to be?" After some debate, it hit us. What if we outfitted a four wheel drive and set out to circumnavigate the globe? It was an excellent idea! In 2002 we did an overland trip into the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia and loved it. Not only would this allow us to do some in-depth exploration but it would also challenge us in new ways. We would have to be completely self sufficient for weeks at a time – be able to repair the vehicle in the bush, administer first aid, navigate sand dunes, rivers, and muddy tracks and recover our vehicle when it inevitably got stuck! The challenge seemed perfect and we never looked back.

OK, so more than once we've told this story and inevitably we're asked - "Why on earth do you want to do that? Give up your jobs, your house, your comfortable bed, and leave all of your family and friends behind to live on the roof of your truck??" We admit, it's a valid question, perhaps best answered by learning a little more about us......