Crossing the Sahara Desert, venturing deep into the Central African Rainforest, tracking lions, exploring the Australian Outback, skirting the Patagonia coastline. None of this would be possible without our vehicle. It is the backbone of our expedition. It's our home away from home. It must be reliable. It must be able to carry massive loads of fuel, water, and supplies. It must be capable of crossing sand dunes, wading through rushing rivers, clawing through deep mud, traversing rocky pistes, and crossing fields of snow and ice. It is indeed our trusted steed and we are mounting our adventure squarely on it's shoulders.

'Betty' is the truck we've chosen to porter our load. She came to us as a stock 1995 UK spec Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 80 GS with a 4.2 liter turbo diesel engine, 5 speed, manual transmission, and center, front, and rear differential locks. She is in excellent condition, having spent her years doing light duty in the English countryside.

To make her expedition ready, we have put her through an extreme make-over. You might say we took her on a shopping spree and new shoes were just the beginning!